damn, i hate moving

for a guy who’s never had to move his own shit i have to move other people a shitload…

…sometimes it’s okay.

in case of the ufw it was okay…i mean, it’s my frickin’ wife. it got her here. if not for that i wouldn’t have her. those ends justified the means…’cause she has a pretty nice end. (she was thinking it) currently i’m doing it for work, and it’s the first time in quite a while i’ve had to do commercial moving. on the up side, i was kind of on the “ship out” end today…you know, where you just get the stuff in the trucks, and kind of slap the side and say “GO!” and it leaves. it goes…away. it gets unloaded, but not by me.

i like that.

yeah, i had to stay back and do quite a bit more work to get things ready…and yeah, it was easy compared to yesterday where i had to load pretty heavy stuff, follow the truck, and unload. and i’ll be dealing with this through the weekend, with room set-ups, and more pulling of stuff on friday as we turn over the keys on saturday, the first. but none of that matters for the next two days, ’cause i am friggin’ OFF. you know you’ve been working hard when you’re actually looking forward to yard work and shit, ya know?

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