having a cock rocks!

you know, i always knew we guys had it easier in a multitude of ways…

…but watching what the ufw has to deal with ’cause of our marriage just adds to it.

and by that i don’t mean the day to day “#struggle” that is being married to me. that she seems to almost enjoy, sadistic little thing that she is. no, on that note i mean the whole name change thing. she was married to her ex for almost a decade (maybe more?) and is used to signing that name, but that’s the least of the issues. i guess my life is a lot less complicated digitally, or maybe it’s just as bad and i don’t realize it, but i am daily marveling at where all names have to be changed and the various requirements of said government agencies and financial institutions and what-not to do so.

it has to be the biggest pain in the ass.

to try and be the cool guy, quite a ways before we got married, i bought her a groupon thingie from some place called “i’m the mrs.” or something to that effect that said it basically did all this for her in the ad, but that appears to be far from the case…instead, it just tells you what you need for the various places, and while it reminded her of some she had forgotten it also omits a few that she needed to do.


she took wednesday off so we could roll together to san marcos, have a nice lunch date, and knock out the two biggies – her driver’s license and social security card. we kinda flew blind to the latter because they require a real, notarized birth certificate and/or your current social security card as well as a valid photo i.d., and we only had the last one. but we went just to verify and met an office full of people in wheelchairs and neck braces and shit…i forgot that a social security office will also handle social security disability benefits so we got lumped in with THAT crowd…and it was a fucking CROWD. wednesday their normal hours of 9am-3pm are reduced to 9am-NOON and so that was just a “fuck that” situation…

…then on to the dmv. we drew number seventy-four, they were on number fifty-eight. took about an hour and we were out, which i guess isn’t terrible. but in addition to this there’s bank accounts and retirement and work stuff and credit cards and…i figure if all is straightened out by our first anniversary we did pretty damn good. after all, i made her the deal if her divorce was finalized by our first anniversary (it wasn’t) i’d marry her on our second anniversary (which i still did) so i guess if all the paperwork is straightened out by our third anniversary (and first matrimonial one) i guess we’re keeping the theme alive!

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  • ME Jan 30, 2015 @ 9:31

    took me over a year to change my name this time, and i only did it cuz i felt guilty when his mom asked why i didn’t change my name on FB :\

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