fuck it, i’ll weigh in on fur go son

i have a note to all black police officers out there…

…particularly those of you in more affluent areas.

print this out, take it to the range, and get your practice on:

frat target

and i’m not even fucking around.

a co-worker sent me an email that contained a pic of the kid laying in the road bled out, with the pic of the officer responsible receiving an award a few months before super imposed over it, and the line “stop asking for justice – he already got it” or some such bullshit.

look – unless the kid was armed and brandished a weapon (i won’t even say pointed it AT them, but at least showed one) then it wasn’t a good shoot. period.

this world is going nuts.

we’ve got american journalists being beheaded by isis guys…

(and before we go any further, am i the only one that hears “isis” and thinks of this cartoon broad?)


…and we’ve got white folk (cops and others) killing black kids basically for sport. and this is the world we live in? that’s fucked up.

so the way i look at it, we might as well go all out – so any black cop out there who sees a blond-haired, blue-eyed, aryan poster child looking white boy should be able to pop two or three in him. only fair. hey, if you wanna talk about justice and shit i’ve met a metric shit-ton more white people i could plug guilt-free than black ones…or any other race, for that matter. so go for it, black cops – balance out the scales…probably won’t see many protests out of it (white people haven’t really protested shit since the 1960’s ’cause…well…what the fuck did they have to complain about?) but i bet this shit makes the news.

fuck it – fair is fair.

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