and you probably still have porno mags, too?

what can i say? online dating’s been really good to me…

…it’s brought some fun and cool people into my life both directly (ME, les, and the reason i never have to do it again – the ufc) and indirectly (shane, who was introduced to me by a girl i met that way) and while i had a good run with it off and on over a decade, as i said now those days appear to be behind me.

but in this age where vinyl is starting to outsell CD’s again, and the retro thing is all the rage, i guess it makes sense that people might crave the pre-cursor to online dating, the 800 number with the hot girls on the late night commercial?

’cause that’s apparently a “thing” again.

i record some late night music stuff from time to time (clubland on mtv, or 120 minutes on vh1 classic) and the latter got me, ’cause it’s an updated version of the show that used to air on mtv on sunday nights and was two hours of alternative music videos…the other day as one of the episodes played off the dvr in the background i heard the standard “hot women are standing by for your call” kind of commercial and thought, “oh – well that’s pretty cool…they don’t just play old videos, they take the experience seriously and do the old commercials too? pretty awesome…”


’cause later that day as an episode of clubland played off the dvr (which is all current edm stuff) the same commercial aired…

…what the fuck?

i guess on the upside you can’t get “catfished” on the gender card, but you still can on all the others. one thing you learn from working in call centers – typically the girls with the hotter phone voices are FAR from fucking hot. there are some exceptions (the ufc and my friend marina come to mind) but for the most part, yeah – you don’t wants you none of that.

and it charges you by the minute, just like the old days. like our cell bills need to be larger?

i don’t know if i would trust somebody who didn’t have a proper computer in this day and age, although i suppose more and more people are going the phone route.

but have any of my single readers checked out these new-fangled toll-free babe lines?

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