same new order, same old problems

actually, i guess it’s not the same “new order”…

…the bass player, peter hook, who is my opinion is a LOT of the sound of the band, quit the band a bit ago.

and he was the one i was right in front of the last time they played in austin – may of 1989…weeks before i graduated high school.

tonight is their next appearance.

it kills me i won’t be there…love pretty much everything they’ve done, and for them to wait twenty-four years to return to austin leads me to believe this will most likely be their last appearance; i know from inside info the only reason austin got a show is due to their impending lolapalooza performance and the face that the promoters of that festival in its current incarnation (old acquaintances of mine that i can’t get a hold of…my how a decade changes things) are austin-based.

hence, the austin show…that sold out during it’s pre-sale, so when tickets went on sale a couple months ago and i logged in i was re-directed to stub hub, where they were going for $250.

that i couldn’t do at the time. under a bill i could do back then, but not for $250.

then came the shop’s slowest summer EVER coupled with me still catching up from back due bills thanks to the hydro-locked bmw back at the end of may, and now i can’t even do a bill…

…which sucks ’cause i was just offered a single ticket this morning (day of the show) for $85. i only have $60 in the bank, and i know $30 of that has to go for the gas i put in the car yesterday, plus i don’t know how kosher my boss would be with me skipping out on a friday on this short of notice, which of course means it will now be dead as balls, i won’t make any dough, and i’ll be pissed i’m even there.

well, hopefully not – but it seems to be the way such things go for me lately…


only slight conciliation was a buddy of mine, who was a few notches up the concert food chain from me back in the day wasn’t able to score tickets, either – so apparently this is not an easy gig to attend, even for those of us that used to make the shows possible.

fuck it, if we’re slow tonight i might have to “run an errand” about eight or so…

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