kin folk and ass fucking – not the travel guide to ozark country it sounds like

it’s been a while since i did a tuesday twofer…

…where two littler bits make a bigger bit. so here we go!

kin folk

i’ve always gotten teri (my sister) riled up by telling her when she asks for a favor, “sure thing – you’re like family to me…” in which case she always, very quickly, points out that she IS family. i said the same thing to my dad when we discussed the possibility of me donating a kidney to him (that’s still not off the table, i might add). and they are ACTUALLY family; but i find myself feeling more of a family tie with the UFC and her kid, or shane, or the folks from the shop. truth is, since mom died, and more so since the grandmother’s went, i feel a lot closer to my friends and the ufc than i ever have to the family i’ve still got above ground…so honestly, when i say “they’re like family” i wonder if it’s me comparing them to the people that i see more as family or just labeling them now “LIKE family” where as family would be shane, and the ufc, and her kiddo, and kramer, harold, etc? i’m leaning towards the latter.

sue me – been wanting to vent on that one for a while.

ass fucking

well jorge’s happy, but i’d be pissed if it was my money. one of our piercers needed to sell some high end cigar lighters that were WAY not my style (or i’d have gone after ’em) and so i agreed to put them on eBay for a bit since he didn’t have an account. two started at $100 (now marked down to $75) and the third was $300, but sat with no bids so i marked it to $299 and it got popular. guess even though it’s only a dollar that price starting with a two instead of a three makes all the difference in the world. the thing sold for $345 total and with shipping the total bill was $352. then in stepped the “paypal fee” which is ridiculous as they’re owned by eBay, and all of a sudden we were at $338. this gets pulled before you even get your money so it’s more of a “jack” than a “fee”. in a month i’ll get nailed for the ebay fees ($35) and of course we did pay shipping (another $6) so when all was said and done we only netted $297. he only wanted $300, so he was happy, and time will tell how much he slides my way…still kind of ridiculous on the fees (16%) if you ask me…

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