i learned a new word today…

…”hydro-locked”. it’s not a good thing.

austin had a storm of biblical proportions and places flooded that never flood – including the street i was driving on. thanks to an intake modified by a previous owner and a wake of water washing over the bumper courtesy of shit driving of others i ended up sucking a LOT of water into the engine.

a LOT.

so hopefully the beamer isn’t dead – guess we shall see.

saturday update

well, the good news was after sucking the water out of the intake with a shop vac and pulling all the plugs and coils the engine DID crank and shot a shit-ton of water all over my carport wall. this was seen as a good sign because another alternative was the engine didn’t crank at all because it was seized.

prior to that i had only invested five bucks in a spark plug socket but after dropped a bill and some change on new plugs, oil (water was in the oil pretty bad) and put it all back together. four initial tries only had the starter, but not the engine, cranking. when JAB arrived i had him put his hand by the exhaust to see if he felt anything and cranked and the engine TRIED to turn over, so i don’t think all is lost. i’ll give it another shot tomorrow (sunday) or monday (memorial day) and see where it takes us. everybody think hopeful thoughts – i’d hate to have to sell the bmw for scrap after only a year and a half!

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