spring cleaning sixer

i was gonna call this “brain droppings” after the george carlin book, but that would imply this was all me…

…and it ain’t.

but as i go through day to day life i find stuff online or take pics or have shit sent to me and think “that could make a good bit” only to later realize that not even i can babble on enough about something that cool but lame and make a go of it; some end up as “twice on hump day” or “twofer tuesday” bits – others end up here.

really? this is your biggest issue?


i wasn’t sure what was more weird – the fact this sign was made (and looks like it was actually done by corporate) or the fact that it was only up for a week or so. either way, now i’m craving mickey d’s…even though i know how my belt works. and yes, i took this pic myself – not some google image shit here!

that’s some good shit?

i know acid cigars get their flavor from the tobacco being cured in rooms with buckets of chinese herbs in the room…so if this guy has buckets of shit in the room with his weed to hide the smell, what the fuck does THAT do to the flavor?

sometimes it’s hard to get cheddar in cheddar country?

i’ll let this one write itself – but needless to say, when i saw this is just HAD to end up here…

made you look!!!


you know that childish game, where you make a loop with your thumb and index finger and if somebody looks you get to punch their arm? yeah, we still do that at the shop so i took a picture of my transformer’s hand and sent it to a co-worker. epic. now i get to hit each of you that read this!

never again! okay, PROBABLY never again…

so after twelve and a half years my right nipple ring has started to reject. doing the math (pull jewelry, wait a month to heal, re-pierce, than another month till i can get in water) i need to start this process THIS WEEKEND to get in the pool at the bbq. when done this will be round FOUR for the damn thing, but hopefully this one works. left one holding steady. tell you the one piercing experience i won’t be repeating from the 1990’s, partially due to this meaning the ufc and i have to abstain…


…although, speaking of the little woman:

five months down, five hundred or so to go

so today makes five months since me and the ufc went on our first date. she’s the kind of girl that posts stuff like THIS on your facebook wall:


and she lives up to it, i might add. and then some. awesome “partner” attitude about the whole couple thing, cooks well, fun as hell to be around, cool kid, just perfect for me in every way (not to get all mushy and shit, but she is).

so does a public declaration of love like this count as a five month anniversary gift? i think so! looooooooove you, baby!

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  • UFC Apr 14, 2013 @ 8:43

    Awwww, honey I love you too, and yes this is an awesome anniversary gift!!!! I’ll always be your 3 for 3 girl, (had to say it Shane!). 😉

  • sean Apr 14, 2013 @ 10:02

    well now that we’ve made shane cringe a bit, let’s throw kramer’s contribution from earlier this week up here, too…

    k kick

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