am i on the list?

man, i hope not…

…although i kinda doubt it matters.

before we go any further i’d like to state three things for the record:

1. i’m not a conspiracy theorist
2. i don’t think the government is looking to, or ever will, “take our guns away”
3. if you fit either of these please stop reading me

moving on…

i still found myself a bit nervous last week when i went to pay off some lay-a-ways at g&s pawn and found out that if i paid them BOTH off at once they had to fill out an extra form on me as they were both firearms…so in addition to the whole background check rigmarole (which, in case you’re curious, three of the top five months for background checks being run for gun purchases in the history of background checks have been the first three months of 2013) there would be a “multiple handgun purchaser” form that would need to be filled out on me and mailed to the a.t.f. THAT DAY (federal law insists on it) so they could plug me into some database lest i lose it and go “hunting” in a multiplex or church or some such shit.

seriously? for two? and only one is a handgun?

well, technically, i found out BOTH apparently are since one looks like this:


apparently “pistol grip” equals “hand gun” so i was advised to wait a week to completely pay off one of the two (and i complied, partially ’cause all the guys there are cool fuckers and i didn’t wanna give ’em extra work to do and partially due to that whole “government list stigma”) because if you do it a week apart all is good…

…or so i was told.

when i went back to grab the hk (which is clearly a handgun):


i was told the day before i had waited long enough, but their system still “flagged me” when all was closed out…but a call to the boss supposedly put an end to all that as i had waited more then five business days, or so they told me…considering i don’t THINK they’re supposed to tell you about any of this (hence me changing their name in this bit) i don’t know if it was filled out after i left – and honestly, if it was, does it really matter? i’ve got a clean record, no warrants, and not even any outstanding parking tickets. so i bought a shotgun and a pistol; this is fucking texas – i’m probably the LEAST armed person on my block!