mom of the year?

FINALLY the ufc got to see (or at least hear) the kind of insanity that randomly happens in my life and fills this site with routines…

…’bout damn time!

so i was on the phone with her (ufc) when a car pulls up in front of the shop (which is in a strip center with several other businesses) when a car pulls up and a woman gets out, car running and gives me the “phone down” signal (you know, the normal ‘pinky/thumb phone’ sign by the ear, then bring your hand down to signal to pay attention her rather than the call with somebody i actually KNOW) and said, “hey, i need to run in the beauty supply place and get body jewelry for my lip so can you watch my car and make sure nobody steals my baby? i left the car on so the a/c is running…”

i look in the back and there’s an infant in a car seat.

fucking seriously?

in her defense i was in a shop shirt in front of the shop, but we DO sell them to customers, so she didn’t know i worked there…and for that matter, didn’t know me AT ALL. so never mind the insult of telling me she’s running into the building two doors down from us to buy body jewelry (which we sell) but you’re having a stranger (that for all you know could be a registered sex offender or whatever) to watch your infant? that’s just stupid as fuck if you ask me…

…and it gets better.

once she came out (and i was off the phone with the ufc) she let me know she had lost said jewelry due to so much “activity around the piercing the night before” and introduced herself.

um…no thank you. have the ufc in world…and she’s a really awesome mom, too.

some people just should NOT have children…

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  • kramerw Mar 23, 2013 @ 19:24

    Welcome to my world.

  • UFC Mar 29, 2013 @ 19:12

    I won’t be doubting my parenting skills any time soon thanks to this lady!

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