no more buwetts?

my buddy ron ron told me something i thought was bullshit…

…but it wasn’t!

that’s right – we are running ass out of ammo…even in texas!

conspiracy theorists are, of course, having a field day. they think this goes beyond standard “supply and demand” and that it’s the government trying to do some “backdoor gun control” by limiting the amount of bullets we can get because, as logic would dictate, guns don’t do you much good without them.

interesting theory.

so we’re supposed to cast aside the fact that five of the biggest ten months in background checks (the thing that happens when guns are purchased at gun shops) have been the months since the most recent election because, again, everybody thing obama is “gunning for your guns”.

same thing happened when he first got elected.

i had a dispute with a local gunshop because i had a lay-a-way i backed out of (kinda regret that now, actually) because he was selling me a “used” walther for MSRP. it’s not collectable. it’s still made. but he was selling it at “new” price because the guy had bought it and never shot it…

…or so he claimed. but considering they were going for half that used in austin i backed out of the deal ’cause i was afraid i was getting fucked.

and why did he sell off a guy he bought but never shot? because he had THREE of them! and none of them were cheap crap – two walthers and a glock, all non-fired, all purchased within weeks of obama getting elected out of the fear that “the nigger president would take away our guns”.

if he sold off those three how many do you wager he kept?

a few of my co-workers are arming up (don’t know if “arming up” is a term but i’ll make it one) loading up on literally hundreds of rounds of ammo. why? ’cause everywhere from wal-mart to cabela’s to your local gun shop is having problems keeping ammo in stock (and some like wal-mart are rationing it out…three boxes per customer per day) so they want to “be prepared”…

…for what, exactly?

of course the biggest three background check months have been the three since the school shootings in connecticut. (i just realized i had no idea how to spell “connecticut”). this was when governmental talk of “gun control” got to be more of a hot button (public outcry and the like – i go more for the “arm the teachers” angle, but psych-eval the SHIT out of the ones you do ’cause some of those fuckers don’t need to even live in a state with guns!). hell, one of my guys had a cop client drop off two hundred rounds last night for his pistol that are all labeled “law enforcement only” for fifty bucks – about what they sold for last july, about HALF what they sell for now…

…if you can find them.

i have one gun currently. three by the end of the spring – but the two pistols take the same kind of rounds….40 smith & wesson. i have one box of low velocity / high frag ammo (the stuff they’ll probably go after if the feds go after anything since it makes a hole in you the size of your fist) which is enough to fill each pistol with a clip load…and as i’ve said if you need more than twenty bullets you need to look at your life and figure out where shit went wrong…

…but i’m not gonna lie – if american manufacturing conveniently can’t meet the demand and the shortage is as bad or worse in another six months than i’ll even be wondering “what the fuck” and thinking some strings in the background are being pulled. guns and ammo (not the magazine – pardon the pun) are more in demand now more than ever, and if bullet makers can’t step up to meet the demand that means american greed has crumbled…and once that goes away we are all fucked.

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