south by sux worse

i admit, i’m bitter…

…but a week ago from when you’re reading this i missed doug e. fresh, public enemy, ll cool j, and ice cube. the next night was depeche mode. the night before was iggy & the stooges, the specials, and wu-tang clan folks. and the night i’m writing this (saturday) snoop’s on one side of downtown and a tribe called quest is opening for prince on the other.

and i have no access to any of this? what the fuck?

if it was happening in any other city it would suck – but to happen in MY city where i know so many people with pull and influence and what-not and i couldn’t get SHIT for any of this?

oh how the mighty have fallen…i guess.

i add the “i guess” part ’cause in truth the only thing i TRIED for was depeche mode. didn’t even know about PE/LL/cube till it was happening. knew i couldn’t get off work for tribe/prince so didn’t even try – might even be able to given the venue, but didn’t even try…guess i’m getting older, ’cause after a fourteen hour day at the shop i know going to downtown to play the “hunt ‘n peck” for parking on a “maybe” just has zero appeal to me.

so i here i sit, bitterly typing, pissed that i got nothing on this. think i might need to go after what the ufc brought up the other day and take a look at maybe getting in to pod casting…

(that clicking you hear as you read this is kramer already typing me an email with info, i’d wager…)

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  • Kramer Mar 21, 2013 @ 18:19

    yeah, podcasting is stupid simple. and you’re a funny guy, with the perfect face for it.