is the bra bit stuffed with lies?

this almost made “the list” that was supposed to be the bit last sunday bit…

…before it occurred to me that sunday was st. patrick’s so a better themed sixer was in order and “the list” bit (it’ll make sense when it rolls out) got pushed to the last sunday of the month.

to ruin surprises it’s another list of links and shit.

so here’s the deal…

don’t ask me how i came across the story of “dr. calvin rickson”, but i did. i tell you not to ask because honestly i don’t remember (yes, virginia, i do occasionally forget some shit). but i remember finding it as a legit story about a guy inventing every woman’s dream bra, which made the girls stand at attention and increased cleavage (i can never spell that word right first try) but eliminate the wiggle and jiggle AND prevent the nipples from poking through regardless of how cold the room got.

then i noticed a lot of the bits i found on this ended with talk of guys wanting to lynch him.

i also started to see the good “doctor”‘s resume changed…while the first several bits listed him as being from texas a&m (it should be noted to all non-texans that read my site that in texas it’s common for moron or “pollack” jokes as more northerners tell them, to be aimed at “aggies” or students, past and present, of texas a&m university down here) other bits found him to be from ohio state, or the university of florida, or some such place.

he must be a genius – look at how many degrees he has!

but seriously, is this real? some of the google bits i found went back to 2006, and there’s no place selling his shit…any thoughts? and do we really wanna kick his ass for this?