bring money whitcha – three series my ass!

i’ve always been told that bad shit happens in threes…

…so where’d i fuck up here?

(according to kramer this is all a “mercury retrograde” thing so by the time this is published my life should be all rainbows and puppies and unicorns and shit, right?)

so i had the aforementioned tail light issue, and at least admitted at the start of the bit “things could be worse”. then they GOT worse ’cause the power steering failed, and i had to replace the pump, which as i stated didn’t cost anything out of pocket save for fluid, but was stilla pain in my ass.

and here we are…

…so now the switch still doesn’t work (in its defense i haven’t even tried to buy a new one) but the lens is fixed. the power steering pump makes a new noise so it’s probably defective and will once again need to be replaced soon (next time i’ll wait till a day off, make sure it’s in stock, and just take the old one down and swap out at the counter so there’s zero cash exchanging hands).

and then there’s the new issue – the top isn’t working.

i’ll spare you all the details, but i spent most of the weekend combing through forums and have a list of (literally) dozens of possibilities given the symptoms, so we’ll see where it goes. all i know is it’s top-down gorgeous and i can’t put it down but it’s been a bit chilly in the morning and later at night (when i’m actually in the car) so for now it’s no great loss. but when i have days off? i’ll have to find a way to start trouble-shooting and see what’s up…realized earlier this happened the first time i tried to drop the top AFTER some water got in when i high-pressure washed it…wonder if there’s some water where it ought not be?