well…um…er…”hi”, dvd player?

it’s amazing how the little things make you wonder when you’re mentally “altered”…

…and i don’t necessarily mean drugs.

…booze, drugs, weed (they’re NOT the same thing), sleep dep – all can alter our perceptions of reality and usually kinda “soften” them, whereby stuff slips by us. but every now and again it’ll actually sharpen me up a bit and i’ll catch things that maybe woulda slipped by me otherwise.

and so it went the other night.

on a mixture of a couple of the aforementioned elements i settled in to watch a movie and a thought went through my head:

why did my dvd player just greet me?

it’s not like it spoke – my mental state wasn’t THAT awesome…but i noticed the screen when it turned on said “HELLO”.

really? is there anybody out there that lonely? or that gets any kind of comfort or warm fuzzy feeling from this?

if so get an ad on some dating site NOW. or get to a bar!

look around and see what of your technology feels it needs to have a salutation…makes you wonder how lonely some of the geeks that build our world really are, and if this is just one step closer to the cyber-apocalypse that this guy john connor told me about back when i was in college.