friday threesome – balls to the future!

it’s friday, you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t got shit to do…

…okay, so maybe that’s not ALL true. but at least the first part is – and if you’re here you’re at least bored enough to kill off a little time; so in case you DID smoke something today, i’ll do three short bits as to not fuck with your attention span, in one entry:

ol’ 23 turns 50

a big fat “fuck you” to michael jordan for turning fifty on sunday and accomplishing this much by now while only being eight years and some change older than me. i mean, he’s talented and shit, but what are the chances this will be another excuse for him to release some over-priced commemorative sneaker? he’s already released one EVERY year, even the years he didn’t play, and done hybrids ranging from a mash up of all the designs he wore when he scored over sixty points in a game (released in the color combos of the teams he scored them against to add insult to injury) and half versions (i own some “jordan 2.5” shoes that are a hybrid of the “jordan ii” and “jordan iii” that came out when i was in high school) so you just KNOW he’s gonna do one for his fiftieth. he was marginal at golf, sucked at baseball, but was undeniably the greatest basketball player of all time. period. but speaking of “baseball” and “sucking”…

ol ’56 finds a new home?

i have some cool shit in my house – and most of it has a story attached to it involving me or my life. one thing that DOESN’T is a baseball i have signed by the “1956 austin senators” which i THOUGHT was the legislatures and later found out was a minor league ball team. i figured it was my dad’s, as he was in austin then and that would put him at fifteen – but i asked him about it and he had no idea where it came from…but one of my artist’s dads owns a sports memorabilia shop in san antonio and said he’d give me some cash for it. it’s not a huge amount (south of three figures) but it was enough to get my attention for something i have ZERO sentimental attachment to and can’t find any real value for online. so tuesday (this is being written on monday) i’ll drive down to SA< sell him the ball, and maybe grab some lunch with ME. as for how this ties "baseball" and "sucking" i'll be using the money to finance valentine's day with the ufc - time will tell if that tie happens or not, but i think the odds are in my favor. you wonder why i love the girl? but to keep the friday tie-in alive: friday poster

found this online a while back and got all excited – easily setting this up to be the best of the franchise…but then read an interview with chris tucker saying he WASN’T going to do this? was i duped? this is bullshit!