tatt 2 – the “what would your mother say?” bit

she used to be such a pretty girl…

rus 1

then she did the online dating thing, met (what is arguably) russia’s most infamous tattoo artists, and now…

ruslan long

this is what happens when you combine a pretty (undoubtedly cripplingly insecure) girl with the russian tattoo artist who gained internet notoriety a few years back for the fifty-six stars incident. remember that one? a freshly eighteen year old girl claimed she walked into his shop and asked for three stars on her face, fell asleep during the procedure, and woke up with FIFTY-SIX instead.

needless to say, this made the interwebs.

rouslan toumaniantz, the artist in question, even offered to pay for getting laser removal done for the girl which ended up making this story more bizarre. what’s odd about ol’ ruslan (as his friends call him) being so cool as to offer to pay to have her face all star wars treated? the fact that she later admitted she had actually ASKED for the fifty-six stars and made up the “fell asleep…” story in reaction to her father’s (understandable) freaking out. but ruslan WAS there – did he not remember that he had only done what she asked? was he high at the time? i only ask ’cause i don’t know why an artist would offer to pay for fourteen large worth of laser treatment when a customers had “buyer’s remorse”. at least when she admitted what was really up he recanted his offer – but why he offered in the first place is baffling to me.

moving on to the latest and greatest…

so he met this other pretty, then inkless, girl in a chat room. i could find ZERO info on how long they chatted, but the day they finally met she let him do that giant face tattoo AND they got engaged. shit, i guess when you mutilate your face to that degree you might as well get engaged ’cause what man is gonna want you now?

hell, at least you know he’s getting fucked well – the crazy ones tend to be great in bed, and if this doesn’t say “fucking crazy as fuck” i don’t know what the fuck does.