at least you can still read me on saturday

i don’t understand the wait…

…does it really take six months to make this kind of shit happen?

the postal service is now talking about discontinuing most of the mail service on saturdays. packages would still happen, but letters, junk mail, catalogs, and BILLS not so much. it was just announced and should kick in this august.

why so long? and what’s with the “package exception”?

i say that now ’cause i’m not expecting anything…but honestly – does that mean people get paid to come in, see if there’s any packages on their route, and then they get to go home if there’s not? i’d rather just stay at work if i bothered to get ready and actually go in. realistically i guess fewer carriers on saturday to just do packages on expanded routes? i say fuck it – let ’em wait till monday. of course, i work a long as hell day today so i know anything that comes in the mail will just sit until monday when i finally get time to look at it anyway…but that’s me.

what’s fucked up is congress is trying to delay or eliminate this – and the postal service is NOT a government agency, believe it or not. they get ZERO tax dollars. they get ZERO public funding. that’s why you track packages on “usps.COM” instead of “usps.GOV”. but for some reason congress still micromanages there ass, and has damn near done so into bankruptcy…which is kinda bullshit.

so fuck it – i say let ’em ditch out on saturdays and enjoy a real two day weekend like the rest of us get…hell, maybe it’s that six day work week that has had them shooting up the place in the past!

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  • kramerw Feb 9, 2013 @ 7:56

    but then how can we “go postal”?