the drunken irish tease

for once we have a TRIPLE meaning title…

…which might be some kind of world record!

for one, it was submitted by shane, who was (working the averages) probably not sober when he sent it; “b”, it was sent to me and as i recall i was FAR from sober when i received it. and third, it was about drunk irish people…

…how could this NOT become a bit?

i’ll tell you how – it proved to not be 100% accurate.

the text:

message from “shane”: there’s now a county where dwi is legal in ireland!!!

the truth – there IS a county where one councilman tried to get it allowed for farmers, who live down small untraveled roads from their local pubs (which is actually the only social environment around them parts) to take a mulligan (i did that on purpose) on the standard blood alcohol levels in order to get out and be social rather than be sequestered and depressed in their farmhouses waiting on the dark shroud of death to come for a visit.

but the irish government, knowing the stereotypes of we folk, said “no” – or however you say “no” in gaelic. regardless, it wasn’t allowed. there were even stipulations – they had to be on farm equipment, or, if in a car, driving below twenty or thirty so they couldn’t actually kill anybody. shockingly the emerald isle actually has some of the strictest dwi laws in the eu due to the fact it used to have the largest drunken car wreck per capita number (no shock there) and the irish government saw this as a tremendous step backwards.

assuming texas rural roads are anything close to irish ones i think this might have been a good call – most of the people i know that have had had drunken car wrecks have not done it on highways, but rather trying to take the “road less traveled by”…not meant in the robert frost sense, but rather the texas highway patrol sense, which means rural and narrow and curvy – just like those irish farmers would.

so the bit didn’t go as planned, or harken to a shane mecca (although i guess that would also contain legal weed and hookers and the murphys as a house band somewhere) but at least we tried, right?