but what if you just suck at math?

i’m not going to lie…

…this feature convinced me to get a gmail account. i just opened it. as they don’t allow underscores, i couldn’t take my usual “m_sean_m” like i have on several other (eBay, yahoo, hotmail) sites. this one is more personal an address. but never mind that now.

(okay, it’s m.calum.m@gmail.com)

the feature i’m describing is “mail goggles”. in the olden days we would drunk dial (for some of us the olden days will be later tonight after some costume party). then we started drunken emailing and texting. well at least ONE place wanted to try and stop the madness – gmail will allow you to set up an email filter called “mail goggles” where after a certain hour you have to solve a series of somewhat simple math problems in a short amount of time or you can’t hit send.

not bad. unless you really suck at math.

no word on if this will also be a feature on the new google phone, a t-mobile based iphone competitor with a flip out keyboard (which is pretty wicked cool) but control texts and maybe calls. put that bad bitch in and i may have to switch carriers!