saturday morning toy commercial

am i the only one that used to actually watch cartoons as a kid like i watch the superbowl now?

actually, i guess that’s not a fair analogy – these days more often than not i could give a shit less about the game, but i like the commercials. with cartoons as a kid i loved the cartoons AND the commercials!

hence the title of today’s bit, although i guess this isn’t really a commercial for a toy – just for my burgeoning computer art skills.

sue me – mom’s dead (seventeen years in less than a month – who’d a thunk it?) and i’m way past “fridge age” any way…so i have to put my own art up, and rather than on the fridge where only me and the pup can see it, i put it on here – where me, shane, kramer, and the ufc can see it. granted, probably not many others, but the pups are kinda tired of me saying “look how cool this came out!” when all they want is some rawhide goodness*…

what i found:

old toy

what i made:

atomic toy

and i feel i should get bonus points as i did this in microsoft paint, not photoshop! currently it’s the wallpaper on my computer, but i think this might end up being my business card…

*the term “rawhide goodness” is meant in reference to rawhide dog chews, not something nasty you fuckin’ perverts!