gardening – not just for grownups any more!

i sent this to a friend who needs to have this discussion with his daughter…

…which i almost wish i could be present for.

see, she recently “experimented” with marijuana, which is not a term i like to use. if you smoked it (ate it, whatever) you smoked it – experiments belong in high school science lab. smoking weed just makes that lab more entertaining (and possibly dangerous if bunson burners and / or mercury is present).

what makes this funny is SHE was all weirded out about smoking, which at her tender teenage year she should be. meanwhile daddy dearest cranks through as much weed as i might in a year in any given week. i’m not saying this to judge or gripe – i would do the same if i could (damn random corporate testing) and stay functional; but to be there while he explains what she did was wrong while trying to explain that funny smell out in the garage would be kind of amusing.

but now help has arrived. a childrens book teaching them about weed – and not in a “just say no” way.

about fucking time – if i ever (yeah, right) end up with kids this WILL be required reading.

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