saturday morning cartoons & handjobs

what? you start your saturday differently?

well, while this is “saturday” for most of you this is “wednesday” for me, the hump day where i pull my longest shift (fourteen hours) and then it’s all just coasting to my “weekend” (tue/wed) from here. this was originally just the first part, but when i was pulling it off my phone i realized i had that second pic so i decided to give you guys a twofer since neither of these really stood up on its own:

so, this was on the back of a white cargo van in the costco parking lot the other day. at first i wondered if this was a transport vehicle for a group home or something (they would shop at costco, right?) but given the “bYu” sticker, which i believe stands for “brigham young university”, the mormon stronghold, i guess maybe not? we all know how them mormon folks like the xxxl family…but how is there only one female on this? she birthed all them babies? honey, this says it best:

and to explain the second part of the title:

this is a freeze-frame from when i was watching the movie car wash the other day. say what you want, that’s just funny! would never see a sign like that in real life, would we?