another meaningless milestone i missed

i kinda wish i remembered this one…

…but it’s a little late for that shit now, ain’t it?

that’s my fcc license. see, back in the day you had to have your own license. the station had one as well, but all the radio personalities had to have one as well. so i got it. and then lost it. well, not so much “lost” as “laundered”…or my Mom did to be more accurate, as she was still around and doing such things at the time.

that’s why there’s two dates there – the issue date and the replacement date. but i missed the twenty year of my original issue date…which should not be confused with when i actually started in radio, now that i think about it. that was earlier. once you sent off for your fcc card you could start broadcasting, so i don’t know that date as i type this but i have it somewhere around the house.


because i got tasked with cleaning out a file cabinet once we got past the “log date” – like the industry i work in now (tattooing) you have to keep paperwork for a certain amount of time. i was purging stuff out when i came across the log from my original first show ever, so i kept it rather than shredding it. it’s still around somewhere. so while i feel like i only missed this by a couple weeks, it was probably more like a month or more…

…all of a sudden i don’t feel so bad about this.