back to warped-ass right wing school…part i?

i guess i need to start watching the news more often…

…’cause i’m kinda disappointed with myself that i missed this one.

somehow it came up in conversation yesterday – and i can see, in many ways how i missed it. most everything that has to do with the schools in texas makes my eyes glaze over; but you have to keep in mind i don’t have kids. it doesn’t really effect me. i mean, i guess it does in the sense that the kids in school today will be running the world tomorrow (in theory) and so them not being properly educated could adversely impact the decisions they make during these later years and therefore could have a little somethin’ somethin’ to do with my existence…but i tend to be pretty self-sufficient, so maybe not.

plus, to be honest, i rarely hear anything about the way schools are being run today that doesn’t piss me off, and as i’ve paid for all that bullshit via property taxes for almost two decades yet don’t put kids into the schools to spend the money i pay i feel kinda jipped by the whole thing. i pay in, the education is getting worse and worse, and i don’t even have kids. fuck those tax breaks for parents – those of us without kids should pay less on the local level ’cause we’re not contributing to the “burden” on the school districts and faculties…but maybe that’s just my opinion…

…wait a minute. this WHOLE FUCKING PAGE is my opinion. okay, so let’s talk about the bullshit that i learned about yesterday:

thomas jefferson never existed. sure, he was the original bill clinton with his charisma and politicizing/womanizing combo platter. and the man could write, most notably the declaration of indepedence. and countless other accomplishments. the problem is, he is credited with (in a letter he wrote to a group of baptists – despite what many believe it was never in the declaration, the constitution, or anything else “official) coining the “separation of church and state” phrase…and the right wing won’t have that. so, their plan? to eliminate him from the history books, so in a couple generations he simply won’t exist any more.

yeah, ’cause it’s not like there’s any place else kids can read about him…like the internet or something. but never mind that now.

i read this two year old wall street journal article (again, how did i miss this shit?) about the sessions to plan the next wave of texas textbooks…about how they didn’t want to emphasize darwinism, which i’d like to touch on for a minute. look – the only reason i can see jesus folk being upset about darwinism is because, in the simple form we hear about, it say we descended from primates, and since the “good book” says god made man in his own image that would be saying the almighty is a monkey.

but think about it – we WROTE the book. one of the underlying principles of the bible is that we, as a species, are the chosen people. well, dudes are. women were just put on earth to serve men and make babies…but a lot of the “jesusettes” like to gloss over that part so i will too. but as i was saying, PEOPLE wrote the book, er go PEOPLE are the spitting image of the lord. i’m sure if elephants had written it he would look like gonesh. it’s an ethnocentric thing. or the species version of “ethnocentric”. let it go until you actually read darwin, okay? i wouldn’t dog on you people if i hadn’t read the bible a time or three.

four, actually. but never mind that now. and i skipped all the so-and-so beget so-and-so part after the first time ’cause that’s just pages of bullshit to explain several years going by. but i’m getting way off base here.

i agree with the amendment that got voted down on “emphasizing hispanic figures in history due to texas large hispanic population”. truth be told when most of the figures they want highlighted around latin folk were NOT a driving force in this state, population-wise. and while their deeds had an impact on latino culture they didn’t have much of one on society as a whole. ben? george? yeah. hell, even martin luther king was a much greater impact as a whole because lest we forget the civil rights movement was about ALL people being equal, black, white, BROWN, etc. the latin stuff was always just about latins.

i’m just sayin’.

but this taking out founding fathers because they don’t agree with your religious beliefs is bullshit. even if you don’t like where he stood on the whole god v. government debate and you like to harp on “the separation of church and state” not being in the constitution one thing you can’t argue about IS in the constitution – the right to free speech. in fact, it’s kind of the first thing mentioned. so while you might not agree with thomas jefferson (or charles darwin, or any other rational thinking adult that doesn’t see the phrase “god did it” as the answer to every little question life has to offer) they ARE constitutionally guaranteed the right to their opinions, just like the HUMAN BEINGS WHO WROTE THE BIBLE would be allowed to have theirs.

and likewise, your children are allowed to read who they want to read and believe what they want to believe. omitting reality from high school curriculum doesn’t protect your kids or stop them from learning on their own. hell, lots of schools eliminated sex ed because they thought mentioning sex in a classroom put the idea in kid’s heads. no, hormones in the human body makes teenagers wanna fuck and have babies before they’re old enough to vote, not some hippy liberal sex class. i forget who i’m paraphrasing here, but teaching kids “abstinence” as a form of sex ed is like teaching kids to simply never get behind the wheel as a form of driver’s ed…although the way some of these kids drive i think that might actually be the way it’s done now.

so the answer to why your kids are fucked up isn’t what they ARE learning in school – it’s what you, as “concerned parents” refuse to teach them under the guise of “protecting them” from the real world. well, what you won’t let them learn and teenage hormones. you can control that first one – you have ZERO control over the second. you know why? you know where those evil hormonal urges come from? three word answer…

…”god did it”. so at least you know who to blame now. stop being bible-thumping retarded faggots*.

*i would like to apologize to the “mentally challenged” and homosexual community if you were insulted by me throwing insane conservative overly-religious dumb asses under the term “retarded faggots” if you thought i meant to associate either of those words with your lifestyle or mental state. don’t worry – i know you’re all better than them.