hotties & hallucinogenics – what more could you want?

again, two little bits i didn’t feel were quite worthy of being their own entry…

…so here we go.

first off, have you noticed the corner candy shop of yesteryear has now been replaced by the corner drug dealer? okay, so i guess it depends on your neighborhood, but in germany (hasn’t that place gone to hell ever since there was one, not two, of them?) you get the best of both worlds!!!

from retuers:

A German candy store has been closed down after Berlin police found its sweets were laced with hallucinogenic mushrooms and marijuana, Reuters reported.

“In the shop we found 120 pieces of magic mushroom chocolate and countless cannabis lollipops,” police officers told Reuters.

All told, police found 70 small bags of various drugs, 20 marijuana joints and jars of drug-laced honey in the shop, which is located in a trendy east Berlin neighborhood.

The 23-year-old owner of the shop has been taken into custody on suspicion of drug-dealing, and a customer was also arrested after trying to buy a bag of hallucinogenic mushrooms from a police officer, Reuters reported.

two things come to mind – first off, how on earth do you walk in a store WHILE the bust is going on and try and buy? i mean, honestly…in my younger days i’ve had my moments where judgment went away while being altered one way or another…but not even I’M that stupid.

secondly, talk about your repeat business!!! have some candy, get the munchies, want more candy, get more munchies…lather, rinse, repeat, no? if his dad’s a dentist than everybody wins!!!

and for the second bit…

i’ve had my share of success and failure when it comes to picking up women online…although i guess none of them could have been TOO successful, or i wouldn’t be single right now, would i? regardless, guys, keep in mind – even though the profile pic might look like this:

you could really be talking to this:

…so watch your ass – and the weight capacity on elevators!