rain, rain, go away…

oh yeah, wait a minute…

…we didn’t get any rain.

well, so we did for five minutes…tops. and a little wind. that was it for central texas’ hurricane ike experience.

if you’ve talked to me in the last few days, i’ve told you what to expect…and i was right. predicted the same thing for rita a year ago (this would have been linked had the entry still existed) and i was right. am i a know it all? no. do i have insights into the weather? no. meteorlogical training? hardly. my secret?

i’ve driven to the coast on many occasions…

that’s it. that’s my secret. what does that accomplish? you learn something about the gulf of mexico you can’t from watching a map or the weather channel…it’s real fucking far from here.

like, annoyingly fucking far when you want your toes in the sand. and thank-christ-style far when hurricanes blow ashore. shit, that trip takes the wind out of me at seventy miles an hour. hurricanes go at under twenty. after that trek and that speed? they just want a beer and a couch like the rest of us.

so just like last time, i didn’t invest in can food, bottled water, or shotgun shells to protect from looters. i bought some cigars, some booze, and made plans for this weekend – which i’ve been able to keep easily, ’cause there’s no storm here.

and thank god for that, i might add.

for irony purposes i went digging in my mom’s old stuff for a clinch pin to put on my backpack when i headed out for the evening. see, my grandma kay was a staunch republican and back in the day ran dwight eisenhower’s presidential campaign here in texas. as a result i figured we’d have lots of buttons bearing his campaign saying, “i like ike!”.

i only found one…and it was one one of those buttons that alternated between a picture of dwight and his vp nominee, richard nixon. it also alternated between saying, “i like ike” and saying “i like dick”. back when the button was made this showed your party affiliation.

now it would hint you like a WHOLE different kind of party. needless to say, i passed on the button.

but if any of you readers find yourself with a shitload of bottled water, canned food, or shotgun shells, take them (okay, only the first two – keep the third to yourself) to your nearest shelter and give them to the coastal folk that had to run up here to be safe. you’ll feel better, and it won’t go to waste – plus, you get to be a cool guy (or girl) to someone who needs some coolness…

…and that’s one to grow on!