as of when this was written “” is still up for grabs!

remember when all we had was “.com”?

then we got .net, .org. .gov, .biz, .edu, etc, etc. well now porn has gone legit and gotten its own – enter “.xxx”. the company that handles these gave companies (target, wal-mart, etc) chances to buy up there’s to protect their company name. when they went public you know who jumped all over shit?

colleges. gotta love our tax dollars at work.

i guess i see their point – wouldn’t want anybody thinking “” was an official university site of the u of t, right? but here’s my rebuttle – wouldn’t the “.xxx” at the end kinda let people know it wasn’t?

(that site was still available as of this writing, if anybody’s looking for a side stream of income)

still, most major universities spent thousands of our tax dollars buying the rights to the urls so they wouldn’t fall into bad hands…which added up quickly as the company that has exclusivity rights to selling them prices them at $100 a year (versus around $10-$15 for most other domain rights, including this one) and i don’t really get it. i mean i do, but i don’t. is it really a big deal? with all the football players getting arrested and campus rapes and shootings and shit is a little porn with your logo featured on it really the worst thing that can happen? i’m just sayin’…