the “…and twice on hump day” bit

i love “newsone”…

…which says it’s a news site for the black community, but they have some interesting shit. problem is, most of their stories are really short, so i can’t typically get full bits out of ’em. for example:

be careful what you wish for

ya gotta love la-la-land. movie stars, traffic, ganglands o’plenty, and lemmy. but let’s not forget the world (in)famous l.a.p.d.. the wonderful folk notorious for beating you down for littering or whatever their latest exploits are.

(keep in mind the litter beatings only happen if you break their MAIN rule and you’re not born white)

with all that fire power and itchy trigger fingers guess what happens if you walk out into a major intersection yelling “kill me” and “i need to be killed” while shooting at cars? yeah – exactly…

what? what? in the butt!

i hate when i take work home with me, but i guess with some jobs you’re just “always on”…and that especially seems to be the case with cops. “off duty” seems to be a relative term – so, this guy’s in the subway and cops a feel from a teenager. grabbing underage ass ain’t cool on several levels, and as the moms was there she complains to an off-duty cop. he approaches the suspect, identifies himself as a police officer, a scuffle ensues, and he ends up poppin’ a cap in his ass…literally. grab the wrong ass, take one in the ass. who say’s culo karma don’t exist?