i honestly never saw this coming…

if all went according to plan you should see a new header up top…


’cause today makes one decade…ten fucking years…of motherfucking charm oozing out across the interwebs. i try not to celebrate meaningless milestones, but this one seems a bit more than meaningless – a decade of me venting online and a few of you (we average over 1,000 hits a day on the “real” counter at my hosting company) reading it.

not bad for no ads or promotions, huh?

hard to believe a decade ago i wrote a bit about home improvement or austin drivers sucking-ass driving in the rain (i can’t remember which was first) just to keep ME entertained at work.

so while i didn’t wanna totally re-invent the look of the site, i figured it was time to update the banner a bit, so there we go. we might try a couple till i find one i like.

yay me – ten years down, but how many to go? according to mayan culture, less than one – for my money, at LEAST another ten. what could stop the site? a lame job? nobody will hire me! another soul-sucking relationship? nobody wants me! see – the whore could go on FOREVER!!!

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  • Kramer Feb 1, 2012 @ 8:01

    Still cheaper than therapy and better than locked up in the funny farm.