droid rage

do you know what “carrier iq” is?

well, it knows you.

or more accurately, “it knows you WELL

it’s software that’s built into the android operating system, and unlike all those facebook things that that tell you they’re gonna share all your info unless you click not to, and we all click not to, this will just share your information, direct from your phone, without you having the “not to” option.

and there’s not a fucking thing you can do about it.

all the contents of your text messages, facebook updates, photos, google searches, all of it – all sent direct from your phone to the carrier iq folk. all the time. all compiled and saved in their databases.

wired! ranks it in the “top nine reasons to wear a tinfoil hat”, and i would say they’re right. and if you go on your phone right now to see what else made the list, it’ll tell them you did it. only on android phones. damn, i’m thinking an iphone might be the way to go when i make that second leap to smartphone country. rather have the apple than…