friday “fuck it” bit

you know what?

i fucking HATE lists of shit to do on my day off…never mind the fact that nobody’s here but me. okay, that’s not fair – copper’s here. lil’ dude’s here. but they don’t give me lists…and if they did, it’d be pretty simple.

1. let us out of the @#$! crate
2. give us puppy bacon
3. love on us a little bit

this is easy. cleaning? moving heavy-ass two hundred year old furniture? installing appliances or extra stereo shit in german cars? some of that is fun…but not easy. sue me, i know your days off should be used for getting shit done, trying not to waste too much dough, and being at least moderately productive, but occasionally you just have to blow off a good chunk of your responsibility and relax. not that my life is THAT stressful…i have a low-paying, but incredibly low-stress, and extremely fun job. it pays most of the bills, and i typically find a way around the rest of ’em…

…and after five years of dell-fueled bullshit i don’t mind the hustle at the end of the month. one or two days of bullshit beats twenty-some odd days any time i check the numbers. and dell taught my ass to REALLY check the numbers. it’s what they do.

(funny side note – i made a typo at the end of the last paragraph and typed “thy” where i meant “they” and it didn’t flag – we can use biblical terms on firefox and all is well? TOO funny – even more funny that “firefox” flags in it’s own spell check…guess i have to actually capitalize “Firefox” so they feel special? yeah, the lack of red squiggly line seems to agree…)

so, yeah…i need to clean. i need to organize. i feel this is partially why my life feels like it’s dripping with suckage. but with nobody else in the house, and no company anywhere in the near future, what’s my fucking rush? it’ll get done when it gets done – i just need to do it at a pace that’s comfortable with me. kinda like breaking up with somebody, but no tears or bullshit – just organized closets. more room for the dogs to roam. and less for me to stumble into while i’m intoxicated…not that it happens often, you realize…

…he he he.