johnny, gimme that note or i’ll fill you full of lead!!!

god bless texas…

…a little over one month into the school year, and i’ve heard no reports of a shooting in the harrold independent school district in north texas.

why would we have a shooting in the school district named after my tattoo guy? because if their 110 student (K-12) school was a catholic school the faculty picture might look like this:

that’s right – the teachers, not the students, are packing. okay, so the students might be as well, but this little town near the oklafuckinhoma border decided that being thirty minutes from the nearest law enforcement, but only five hundred feet from a major highway, might make them sitting ducks because in texas, where we DO have concealed handgun permits, schools are listed on the “gun free zone” list, where even people with permits can’t carry. never mind the fact that people that WOULD shoot up a school probably don’t have a permit, nor would they care about that “can’t carry on school grounds” law considering they don’t give a shit about that “thou shalt not kill” law…as long as a teacher can defend his or her class, all should be well, right? and since teachers are alway so mellow since the job has zero stress and pays well, it seemed like a no brainer.

but there are some guidelines:

“In order for teachers and other staff to be permitted to carry a concealed gun in the schools, they will be required to have a Texas license to carry a concealed handgun, must be authorized to carry by the district, must receive training in crisis management and hostile situations, and must use ammunition designed to minimize the risk of ricochet in school halls.”

that last sentence about the ammo designed to minimize ricochet cracks me up every time i read it. again, god bless texas! praise the lord and pass the ammunition!