junior sixer repeat

it’s been a slow week, bit-worthy life wise…

…which with friday the 13th and all, i expected more.

but i had a conversation with an ex who made this come to mind. she’s thirty-six, never been married, and never had kids…and wants both. her boyfriend has never been married, never had kids, and is TWELVE years her senior…and seems to be dragging out that whole marriage/kids thing.

at forty-eight and never done it before? gee, wonder why.

(at this point i should note i’m not mentioning her name AND i damn well know she’s forgotten my URL as she asked and i changed the subject know i’d do this…)

i know it can be dangerous once you get past a certain age to try the kids thing if you’re a woman…dangerous for the mom, i mean. but can it stunt the kid? effect attitude or aptitude? and what if you wait all this time, get the kid thing finally rolling, and your kid is just a douche? with that idea in mind i will repeat a wonderful sixer called…

six signs your kid might be below average

1. he’s reading at a sixth grade level…and just started high school.

(you can always blame public schools for that one)

2. he celebrated his first father’s day two weeks ago…and starts his sophomore year in high school in the fall.

3. she’s only twelve and already owns two pairs of clear heels…

(which only goes to show either shane or myself WILL be tipping your little girl some day)

4. she’s on DWI number three (and freshmen year number two) at the same time!

5. your kid spends more hours online playing games then he does out of the house with friends

(sorry, harold – i SO was not calling you out on that one…)

and finally…

6. your child looks at me (or shane, for that matter) as a role model!

(be afraid…be very, VERY afraid…)