could you see neck or something?

so a lot of people have been surprised i didn’t do anything on the whole osama thing…

…and i had no plan to.

he’s dead. he’s gone. and EVERY angle has been covered. or so i thought…than i saw the headline on CNN:

large collection of porn found amongst seized material from bin laden compound

my first response was…


i mean, he was living in exile. it’s not like he could get out. and apparently he didn’t have cable or internet as they didn’t want any wires that could be tapped or monitored going into the place. he had five wives…how often do married guys get it? and multiplying by five i’m willing to bet does NOT make the number go up…ever seen big love? so of COURSE the man had porn.

then i started to wonder…are we talking PORN porn? or what a muslim guy would call porn? their rules on women and what you can and can’t see when you’re not married to them is pretty restrictive…so are we talking about a bare shin? a forearm? or tit-fucking latinas volume 4?

ya gotta wonder…they aren’t releasing too much info on what’s being found or not – and the fact that this makes INTERNATIONAL headlines astounds me. think they’ll at least give us an idea of what his flavor is?

enquiring minds want to know…