oscar…minus the trash can and green fur

i didn’t watch the oscars, and there’s only one reason i kind of wish i did…

after seeing MTV debut nine inch nails first video (down in it) as the LAST clip of the night back in fall of ’89 (and they rolled credits over the last half) then rushing out to sound exchange the next day only to find out the single wasn’t out yet (but the record geeks there were so unimpressed with the promo 12″ that they just gave it to me) i’ve been in to nine inch nails and trent reznor. that would have been nice to witness – but i knew i can youtube that shit.

thank god for technology.

otherwise, i missed the bulk of it via work and the gym and the tail end due to the restrictions afforded by direct tv’s dvr setup as i was recording two shows already and therefore could not watch a third on live tv (although as i type this i realize i could have just gone back to my bedroom and watched there but my commitment to the show was far from that extreme) and there we are.

i regret missing the grammy’s more than the oscars (save for the trent thing). i’m more a music than a film guy, and only saw two of the films up for the “big” award (inception and the social network, both rented via freebie codes i found online from redbox) and enjoyed them both, but neither won, so fuck it. nothing else cinematically really jumped out at me from this year, and i got all the fashion critiques via leia and leslie on facebook. it was like i was watching, without ACTUALLY having to watch…

…which i’m okay with.

so, congrats, trent – well deserved. and that about does it for me…

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  • sinderella Feb 28, 2011 @ 16:52

    so what did he get an award for? I did not watch the show but I did hear it on the radio this morning.

  • sean Feb 28, 2011 @ 23:31

    best score for the social network