saturday shitter bit

i couldn’t decide which direction i wanted to take this…

…see, it’s kind of a flashback bit, which i KNOW i’ve done before, but since i got fatcow fucked and over 1,600 entries got lost (for all new readers that’s why the masthead makes reference to “…since 2002” but the archives only go back to march 2008). i can’t find it in the few hundred entries i was able to google and rescue (there’s about 500 or so of those, and while there WERE more i found i thought they sucked and didn’t bother) and that one had a pic of the real thing, but you’ll have to just do with the brochure instead:

i guess i could have titled this bit “how to know your life (and size) have gone to shit…LITERALLY!”

when you need a special toilet.

what’s sad is it’s made right here in texas (and for all not from here kindly avoid any “texas-sized toilet” references as not all of us need this). i first saw this monstrosity in a clinic where the ex was getting some laser work done…she dragged me in the lady’s room to see it (the men’s room had all normal equipment). i remember thinking it might be for the obese folk as clinic she got lasered at shared a space with a plastic surgeon, but who knew such a think existed? i guess it’s a good thing – first stint in took in a management capacity with my company i got a call from an artist stating a bigger gal had sat on the toilet and broke the base in two. true story. talk about a sign that you need a lifestyle change, huh?

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