a little icee bit

i woke up this morning to ZERO ice on my windshield…

…but at least three texts from OTHER people about ice on theirs. what’s nice is as this is being written (wednesday) it’s actually my day off, so i get to look at the arctic blast, check the pit food situation (covered) check MY food situation (covered) and then realize i still had to return “cyrus”, the movie i got on a whim from redbox monday night that’s already cost me two bucks which, for the quality of the flick, is about twice what i shoulda paid.

that being said, i’m kinda looking at the cold and ice and ick thusly:

“hey – it’s really cold and icy and shitty…go outside and drive around in it and i’ll give you a DOLLAR!”

if i said that to you you’d tell me to go fuck myself…and by NOT going out in it, it only costs me a dollar.

broke as i may be, i think sitting my happy ass at home in this shit might be worth the dollar.