take it on the chin

i love when the bits write themselves…

…and this one kinda did.

i bought more chew toys for the lil’ dude recently (who at fifty-seven pounds, which is the same weight as copper, isn’t so “lil'” any more) and one of the acquisitions was a skull, which seems to be left over from halloween as it was marked down to only a dollar (originally seven). it’s about the size of a baseball, solid rubber, no squeaker, but he seems to love it.

why would i want a pit bull walking around with a skull in his mouth? doesn’t this just perpetuate some bad misconceptions?

i guess to a degree, but the real reason is something he does when he can jump on the couch and get close to my face lately – he chews on my chin. not for long, not too hard, but he’ll jump up and be licking my face and at some point, for no apparent reason, he’ll bite my chin which even WITHOUT a ton of pressure kinda hurts. i can’t figure it out – near as i can tell he remembers from his wee puppy-hood that he could grab my goatee (which was an inch or so long back when i first got him) and grab and pull it to wake me up (THAT i remember) and now since there’s no goatee he just goes after my chin? that’s my closest hypothesis…

…but here’s where it gets funny. he’s had the toy for MAYBE a week, and always left it where i saw the back of it’s head (yeah, i know – don’t take it there…i meant on the floor or something) but today i noticed the front of it:

he’s chewed the chin off it! what the fuck!?!? if you pop by the house, guard your grill!

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