sean works booth

if anybody got the historical reference of today’s title at first glance, i’m proud of you…

…but the short version (as this will have to be, since i leave in (checks clock) seventeen minutes and i still need to clean out the car AND get dressed) is i not only get to go to my first tattoo convention today, but i actually get to WORK it for most of the day. you know i have to be kind of into this, ’cause between the convention and the shop i’ll be working two fourteen hour days back to back, and i don’t really care ’cause i think it’ll be fun. plus, i get to feel the part since i just got two plus hours of work done on my left rib cage last night (and big props to brandi for being as light handed as she promised to be!) so i get to go, feel the part (literally) and see what all the hype is about.

look for the follow up sixer come sunday!