limping along – my holiday “after party”

so here’s how my suck-ass holiday went…

…and it’s a journey.

thursday, december 23rd – my computer catches a malware virus it can’t recover from. as i type this i have NO iTunes, photos, or any other personal shit on my computer…but at least, after nuking the hard drive, installing a new OS AND browser (anti-virus downloading as i speak) i can get online.

friday, december 24th – i work a good chunk of the day, more than i had planned due to christmas eve plans getting canceled and me not wanting to face yet another christmas eve alone and solo…but it pisses down rain, and my convertible top ends up leaking to the point where i get over half an inch of standing water in the front AND back passenger seats.

saturday, december 25th – i pull my bluetooth headset off the charger to call my sister (who opted not to come down for the holidays this year) and wish her a merry christmas. i get voicemail, leave a message, hang up, and take my bluetooth out of my head, setting it down somewhere that is still to be determined (i.e. it’s now gone off the face of the earth and three days later it’s still not anywhere to be found). i also get roaringly drunk because, as i predicted, i basically have ninety minutes of christmas where i’m NOT alone and somewhat miserable.

sunday, december 26th – i go to an ATM to put cash in to pay the utility bill only to discover that my check card is missing…after searching my car and the shop to no avail i call the last place i remember using it (chisolm trail bbq in lockhart) but they’re closed. for safety’s sake i cancel the card…then look on my statement via my phone’s internet connection (remember – computer was still DOA at that point) and see the last place i actually used it was the thundercloud subs down the street from the shop. call them and they’re closed already as well – but the next day i go by and my card’s propped up on their register. good news – no malicious use. bad news, i find it fifteen hours AFTER i cancel the card.

so, the card got resolved, HOPEFULLY my backup restores my iTunes, photos, and fonts (if I go two out of three i’ll be somewhat happy as long as that first one is one of the two), but the bluetooth is still MIA and i don’t know if i should run to the store to get lil’ dude food or not as it’s been raining all day. fuck me, i hate the holidays…