– predominantly organic since 2k2 (a NON-sixer sunday bit)

so, the title might need a bit of ‘splaining…

…but it’ll make sense in a second.

see, i started today KNOWING a sixer had to be done. but by mid afternoon all i had was a bit about “little elves that control the little things in our lives” – based off something i mumbled to myself after hitting all red lights all the way into the shop and all during the running around i did – but it seemed forced.

and i HATE when it seems forced.

the best whore bits are “organic”, as i call them – i just rattle them off, with little effort, and they come out nicely. but i think between the winter blahs, the holiday depression, and the slow financial situation i’ve been in of late my inspiration to be creative and funny is…well…tapped.

and not in that good keg since of the word.

so, here’s the plan – i’m gonna run “re-runs” between now and christmas eve and give myself a little break. yes, they’ll all have new intro set-ups, and i’m gonna try and run bits that haven’t been used too often, save for christmas eve (when i’ll re-run my traditional holiday classic) and then we’ll start fresh after that. hell, i might even let the first new bit be the elves sixer IF i can make it not sound forced…time will tell.

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  • Kathi Dec 13, 2010 @ 0:46

    Candy ass. Come over and help me put up Christmas lights this week. I almost guarantee you’ll have SOMETHING (unrecycled) to say about it!!