three outta four is a winner my ass

the man lied to us…

…and by “the man” i technically mean “mr. charles man”, my fourth grade health teacher. see, when i was a kid, i was always taught that “nutrition is like a playoff series in sports – three out of four wins the day”. by that he meant that as long as you made sure each and every meal had three out of the four basic food groups (meat, dairy, fruits & vegetables and bread) that you would stay healthy and fit.


my dinner:

that’s the outside view of a box of “cheddar peppers” from sonic. for all those who don’t know the food, it’s a jalapeno pepper (fruit & vegetable group) stuffed with cheddar cheese (dairy) and breaded (duh – BREAD-ed) and fried. three four four. the inner view:

from what i was taught growing up, this was a healthy meal. shit, if i had gone after a standard issue cheeseburger i could have gone four for four – and they were half price at sonic tonight!

(damn…now i may have to go back)

but what i’m getting at is when we were growing up we were taught this was not just acceptable, but pretty much HEALTHY. and they wonder why my generation (and the one after it – the one we RAISED on what we learned growing up) is getting fatter and fatter. honestly, this might not be totally our faults after all, huh?