why use the “o” word when you can use the “v” word?

i’m not old…

…i’m “vintage”. there’s a difference.

i’ve noticed there’s a certain charm and attraction to the word “vintage”, particularly around austin. if you set up a booth at some swap meet or garage sale and label it “old ass jeans” you won’t make much money. you might move a good bit of product, but you won’t make much. meanwhile, the same merchandise labeled “vintage denim” would kill.

gotta love it.

i guess it’s a marketing thing – the way “kentucky fried chicken” became “kfc” right around the time it was determined that cholesterol was bad for you and fried food had shitloads of it. all of a sudden nobody wanted to eat fried food, so they took the word “fried” out of the equation so they could survive.

good thinking.

same thing in my current industry of choice – i’m not doing this on a “laptop” computer, because when they started to get thinner and lighter there was less insulation between the guts of the thing and your lap – and the guts would get kinda hot during prolonged use. one person burns themselves, a law suit comes from it, and WHAM! no more “laptops”…

…now they’re “notebooks”. i guess ’cause they kinda look like a spiral opened up half way.

(and it’s not grey, it’s “artic silver” – that always bugs me…have these marketing fucks BEEN to the artic? do they know that silver looks like up there?)

so the next time someone asks me how old i am, i’m not gonna tell them i’m “thirty-seven”. i’ll tell them i’m “vintage 1971”. it sounds better – let them do the math if they’re sober enough…