it seemed like a bigger deal than it was

i gotta start writing shit down again…

…’cause this wasn’t supposed to be today’s bit.

actually, it was, then i thought of something i would rather do…but then i lost it. so you get this one – and i gotta start using the “notebook feature” on my phone again; ’cause i bet it comes to me later.

moving on…

…i feel all adult and shit today ’cause for the first time i rode out an insurance policy for it’s entire six months. to most of you, this is normal. to me, not so much. the reason? i typically don’t need it. from where i’m sitting, it’s just throwing money in a hole…and so i’ve just let it slide in the past.

but thanks to getting a second ticket thirteen years after the first one, i gotta be all responsible and shit. and now i also get to pay EXTRA, because due to an idiot in a mexican food parking lot i got to lose my “no claim discount” since her parking behind me as i backed up constitutes my first “accident” in over a decade and some change.

not cool.

when i got the notice i was losing my “no claims discount” i figured, “shit – better jump ship and see if i can get better pricing elsewhere”. but i got lazy, and then i got the call letting me know my monthly charge WOULD be going up…

…by eight dollars.

in hindsight, as i was discussing this with ME this afternoon, it occurred to me that i probably was due a “renewal discount” as i was told i would get one for HAVING insurance when i renewed, as i had NADA when i started with ’em…so, i probably am paying more than eight dollars extra for losing that discount, but as compared to what i’m used to, it’s only an eight dollar increase.

no biggie.

i’m still gonna see if they remembered to apply that “renewal discount” thing. but in the long run, not so bad…

…now if i could only remember that other fucking topic.