pulp friction

did you know you can get pulled over JUST for giving the finger to a cop?

…true story. in my peer group it’s how we greet each other. guess ’cause this little piggy isn’t “in the loop” he didn’t know that. and that’s MY fault HOW, exactly? just sayin’. good think the drunk me does an awesome impression of the sober me, huh?

moving on…

…the other day i witnessed a cinematic classic and a cinematic abomination all in the same sitting. all with the same showing of the same movie to be more accurate. see, i’m old enough to have watched pulp fiction in theaters. more than once. four times, if i recall the era accurately. i also own the dvd. not eh initial release, but rather the whatever-the-fuck anniversary edition with all kinds of bonus shit. watched that, too, needless to say. but you know what i’ve never seen?

pulp fiction on AMC.

as in “american movie classics”. first off, do you know how fucking old as balls i feel seeing a flick i remember watching and enjoying while i was in fucking COLLEGE being on “american movie CLASSICS”?!?!? the maltese falcon or casablanca or gone with the wind (to just throw a movie that DIDN’T star bogart into the mix) i get. but something from the fucking NINETIES?

now i just feel old…

…moving on.

the editing surprised me. okay, so all the “fuck”‘s and “shit”‘s were out for (rather unnatural) cleaner versions. and ditching the “n-word” i guess makes sense (yeah, ’cause people NEVER say that in the real world day in and day out…need to protect the masses) but you know what surprised me?

the drugs.

they would censor out the heroin scenes, but leave all the coke and weed scenes. that freaked me out – so coke and weed are cool, but heroin is bad?

i’m confused.

and all the violence was left untouched.

so, i guess the message to this generations is “shoot all the people you want, and smoke weed and do blow to help make it happen, but avoid the hard needle drugs and for god’s sake DON’T say ‘fuck’ while you do it!”.

and people wonder why the world is as fucked up as it is. i think somebody, somewhere, needs to get their fucking priorities straight on what’s right (and more importantly what’s far from) in this world.

i’m just sayin’…