(not so) fast forward

okay, i did a little legwork on this…

…so i could do a public service announcement. last night i had dinner plans, and got there a bit early. i decided to check my email, and had several from a friend in houston. the problem was i was checking from my phone and so every email address gets highlighted as you try to click down. i mention this fact because the email started like this:

in case you don’t wanna count (i wouldn’t if i were you) that’s SEVENTY-ONE fuckin’ emails between two distros that started this thing off.

seventy-one. the same year i was born. that’s ree-fuckin’-diculous. and yeah, i censored ’em all so some spammer doesn’t copy and paste them…even though i shoulda left the person who sent this to me’s email straight away just for that reason.

so i click through ’em. all seventy-frickin’-one of ’em. and at the end, i get this:

SO not worth the wait.

i was thinking that there was actually a way to eliminate this kind of shit from forwarded emails (if you forward your mail) so i sent one to me and one other person after deleting both the distros, and i was right. but you know what was weird? with just me and the person i sent it to on the list, it went to my frickin’ SPAM folder…but with the seventy-one people on it? it went to my normal inbox.

what the fuck?