and nightfall came over the city…

this bit is being started at (checks time) 7:42am…

…and what’s fucked up about that is i’ve been up for almost an hour. AND i didn’t go to sleep until after three. AND my alarm doesn’t go off for for another (now) seventeen minutes.

SO not cool.

this happened last weekend, too. i woke up sunday feeling like hammered ass and after thinking about it posted (truthfully) something to this effect on facebook:

SEAN has slept less than four hours a night for three of the last four nights…this can’t be good for me.

in truth, last weekend it made more sense. i had a lot on my mind with a relationship almost strained to the breaking point ’cause people were interjecting their two cents into said relationship where it had no fucking business being, and due to a lack of communication things regressed from there. once the person and i could sit down and hash things out it took five minutes and all was happy again. “too many cooks spoil the broth” was the quote i first thought of using here, but “small town rumor mill bullshit can suck my cock” seems to fit better.

moving on.

after all parties involved were satisfied on sunday night (or at least all parties of said situation that mattered for said situation) i slept like a baby as my mind was at ease. but then that aforementioned back injury arose ruining sleep tuesday and wednesday night, then thursday was cool, and now here we are, back again (no pun intended) with sleep deprivation kicking in this morning even though there’s NO reason for it this time.

kinda sucks.

the native americans used to use sleep deprivation (and occasionally a little peyote) to achieve a higher state of consciousness and visions. i think i did that last night in a more modern way, involving a techie device (my new universal remote control) and, sadly, ZERO peyote.

i got a new universal remote for two simple reasons:

1. the old one was old and cruddy (in cleanliness not in quality, per se, ‘cept for…)
2. the old one pre-dated direct tv and, as a result, would not work their box

i remembered that it did macros, and had programmed one where i just had to hit one button and it would power on the tv, the sat box, and the stereo (which has to be on to get sound with my setup). on the previous remote you had to hit each component button, then power, in order to achieve this. six keystrokes across two remotes? what kind of philistine am i?

it has four macro buttons (before we go further i should define macro – MAC-crow(n): a single keystroke that has been programmed to do the work of many keystrokes) so i decided they needed to be put to good use. i reprogrammed the first one i had used before AND attacked the other three.

this is sean’s brain on sleep deprivation.

macro one – hit the number “1” and the tv, dvd, sat box, and stereo all turn on. hit it again and they all power off.

macro two – hit the number “2” while watching tv and it brings up the “video input” menu, selects “component video two” (the dvd player input) and starts the dvd playing.

macro three – does all that macro one does, but is for “dvr” viewing…as you have to let the sat box “initialize” a moment before you hit the button to bring up the dvr list things have to be powered on in a different order for this to work. this was discovered the hard way.

macro four – you ever watched a movie and then the next time you go to watch tv you turn everything on just to see a blank screen and realize when you turned off your tv you left it on “dvd” or whatever instead of the normal “tv” input? well, if i remember to hit this at the end of a movie it switches all the inputs back to tv and THEN powers shit down for me so the next time i turn it on it’s set for normal tv viewing.

pretty fucking cool.

oh, and to explain the title…there’s an old mark curry (black comedian that had a show in the 90’s called hanging with mr. cooper) where he talked about a guy he grew up with being SO dark-skinned that in school plays he just got to play “night”. he then mimics a school play announcer saying “…and nightfall came over the city…” and then the kid just coming out on stage and standing there to set the tone – before running off the stage sticking his tongue out at the crowd.

i was blinking back and forth between that image (which is odd as i haven’t seen that special since ’95 i would figure) and that really cool kia hamster commercial with black sheep’s the choice is yours as the music. my mind is a spooky place without sleep in it, huh?

but i can remember to say this before we wrap up – all the best to JAB and his family on the birth of their second kiddo who gets baptized today and who is, for the record, NOT named after a character in any homo-erotic vampire series of books. wish i could be there…

his family event, i mean. not the homo-erotic series of books.

fuck me, i need a rockstar recovery…STAT!

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  • sinderella Aug 23, 2010 @ 12:44

    So you don’t want to dress as a vampire this year?