mid-week mini bit about getting pulled over

okay, admittedly this is NOT my most creative title…

…unless it’s a bit about my recipe for guacamole or something. but as luck would have it, this IS going up mid-week, IS pretty short, and IS about getting pulled over because of something i saw a half hour ago (at 2:15am) on the outskirts of austin, near the airport.

it was a couple of guys, in a late model nissan altima, with not one but TWO cop cars, lights a’blinking, pulled up behind them. i came up with a rule on this a while back that i’ve only seen broken ONCE

…and, of course, i was the one who broke it. when it comes to getting pulled over, here are the general rules of the road:

ONE cop car – if you’re pulled over, and there’s only one car present, you’re definitely getting a warning, and you might get a ticket.

TWO cop cars – the warning is off the table, a ticket is immanent, and you might even be going to jail.

THREE OR MORE cop cars – if you don’t know a good lawyer, just call shane – he’ll point you in the right direction…

(…i KNEW you’d make a comment on this bit no matter what, might as well pre-load you with some ammo here.)

as for the only exception I know of? me – east oltorf, circa 1991 or so: three cars, JUST a verbal warning. never underestimate the power of motherfucking charm…

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  • Shane Jun 24, 2010 @ 9:19

    Dude, if I knew a good lawyer my record wouldn’t be as long as it is.

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