and now a word from our sponsor

and i don’t mean that in the twelve-step sense of the phrase…

…although, honestly, i wouldn’t let this product sponsor anything on my page:

living in texas mosquitoes are a problem. a BIG problem. even my dogs are constantly itching. so, i went to wal-mart and dropped eight bucks on this bullshit this morning before i started doing the yard – but then yard work got side-tracked with tree work as some big limbs had come down during the last storm that i was unaware of.

i clipped this little doo-dad to my belt and went outside. within FIVE minutes i could feel the little fuckers biting my calf, mere inches from the “spray”. a few minutes later i felt one land on my hand…i slowly lowered my hand to where i could feel the breeze from this little fucking fan on the hair on the back of my hand…

…but the ‘skeeter kept biting me through the breeze.

clearly this thing is bullshit. it’ll be dumped back to wally-world later today for beer money. don’t even fucking bother.